Regulation and compliance, the way to sustainable solid success


Helping entrepreneurs in the financial industry

Whether you are...

A start-up or small boutique in need of regulatory support to start your business.

A non-UK company looking to enter the UK and EU market.

A private banker looking to go independent.


ProFin Partner's FCA umbrella

ProFin can incubate you as one of its Appointed Representatives (AR). As an AR, you can "Advise on investments" and "Arrange deals in investments".

This allows your company to start its business and have the time to get fully regulated.

Once your business has grown and you are ready, ProFin can help you get fully authorised by the FCA.


Benefits of a UK structure

The UK is a reputable jurisdiction that can provide you with a robust business environment for your company.

ProFin has extensive institutional networks to face your challenges even beyond banking and investment.


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