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Data & Analysis

News & Data


In addition to our own numerous in-house publications, we have access to various tools and platforms such as Bloomberg that allow us to offer our clients live data support.


Quantitative Analysis


For our tailor made investments we have access to proprietary algorithms and equity screeners allowing us to determine trends and the perfect entry or exit point.

This analysis is supported by our mutli-issuer digital portal that enable us to price efficiently and build the perfect investment solution.


Investment Life Cycle Management

Prior to the launch of every investment strategy, relevant back testing and investment scenario analysis are performed to ensure an optimised solution for our clients.

We internally developed systems and means where every investors' position is timely monitored. All market moves among all asset classes are reflected and communicated to the investor along with either a recovery solution or an investment roll proposal.

User friendly and easy to understand snapshots are available for every investor illustrating their investments' positions with us.



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