Regulatory and administrative solutions

European Passport

A Swiss regulated based family office, looking to keep contact in a compliant way with its European based clients and potentially increase business potential

1. Do it alone with full FCA scope

Time consuming



2. Partner with an FCA regulated firm

Potential conflict of interest

Risk of lack of understanding

Possible cannibalisation

Discuss with us. We will help you grow your business thanks to our cross borders understanding and our in depth knowledge of both banking and wealth management

Become Independent

1. Find a partner

The partner might have different visions

The independence is at risk

High pressure for return on capital 

2. Do it alone

Heavy compliance and other administrative costs

Lack of credibility to gain clients and providers trust

Lose the business focus

Discuss your projects with us. We can help you to succeed in your independent career with an alignment of interest. Services include white-labelling, FCA Umbrella, access to networks of providers (legal, corporate services, banks, etc.)