At ProFin Partners,we listen, understand, suggest and you decide!

Wise approach

We allow you more time to dedicate to what really matters for you
We combine objective and subjective approaches in our selection of solutions and partners
We offer comprehensive and sustainable solutions to complex and delicate matters. We protect your identity
Each mandate is only dealt with by professionals in the appropriate regulated environment
We guard you against players who are non-ethical with regards to investment and wealth management solutions
What is safe, powerful and big today might not be tomorrow. We have access to valuable information
We take a wise approach as the best hedge against current and future unknowns

State of mind

We don‘t sell products, we think alternative solutions
We don‘t act as brokers, we supervise, advise and manage your investments
We don‘t only focus on the size of clients; our structure allows us to care about our clients' satisfaction
We don‘t add an extra layer, or extra risk; we offer economies of scale and more diversification
We don‘t think that only costs matter: quality of the product and the service must prevail
We don't heavily promote our capabilities; we are selective and rely mainly on our existing network
We don't blindly follow market trends; we challenge each of them


The first consultation is free of charge, followed by a written proposal setting out our terms and conditions.
Depending on the nature of both the mandate and the investor, our fee structure is built on the basis of an "à la Carte" menu, as follows:
A minimum quarterly performance fee; or
An advisory variable fee as a percentage of revenues; or
An annual retainer; or
Combination of the above
Exceptions to the rule: We are exclusively compensated by our providers and partners
(allocation of their revenues and no additional mark-up to the investor)