Investment portfolio solutions

Externalise your investment advisory to one stop shop through ProFin Partners

Economies of scale insuring competitiveness in pricing

Existing solid relationships with issuers, funds managers and brokers

Easy access to trade ideas, research and various investor calls 

Benefit from recovery, hedging, switches ideas and other portfolio solutions 

Multiple investment strategies such as capital protection, yield enhancement or pure speculation

Every asset allocation built on a tailor made basis

 Step 1: investment theme is defined such as betting on "USD long term rates increase", " weakness of Euro favouring export companies" or "hedging equity exposure" etc. 

Step 2 : universe of securities is listed according to sectors/markets selected. Various parameters are used to analyse the securities (cross asset classes)

Step 3 : pricing of investment products are processed in-house and refined with issuers. Back testing and description of the product's mechanism are available

Step 4 : indicative terms and conditions of each investment product are submitted to the qualified investor for approval if advisory and execution mandates

Step 5 : coordination with various counterparts to insure good execution, delivery of the security and on going valuation of the portfolio